What is the deal with water that has extra Oxygen added to it?

Q:I went to a local organic food store yesterday (Love that store!) They had bottled water that had oxygen added to it. Ok, I’ve had Chemistry and BioChemistry classes before…. and water is H2O.. 2 hydrogen and one oxygen. There’s oxygen in it already. I know your body needs oxygen to function, that’s a given…. but adding more Oxygen to water… does that make any difference at all? It should change it chemically…right? I bought a bottle to see if there was a difference and it tastes just like all the other water you can purchase at a store.
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i personally dont think there is any benfit to that. its just a way to make you buy and spend a lil bit more on a product, water in this case. drink some dasani girl. how can water be organic?
Hello again,I’ve wondered this myself before. I have heard of “ionized” water-something about it being more alkaline? Not sure, though. I also know that water can be ozonated: O3 being bubbled throughout it for the purpose of purifying it. That makes exceptionally good water as there are no impurities left in it. (I even heard that swimming pools can be purified with ozonation.)If oxygen would be “added” in such a way that it would change the chemical composition of water, it would become peroxide: H3O3, and that would definitely taste different!My guess is that the water you purchased had been ozonated. It would not necessarily taste any different that bottled water, but would be better for you.
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