Has anyone used a colon cleansing thing, such as Colonix?

Q:Or any type of detoxifier? How did it work, and is it safe?
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i use this product called NuCleanse, it works very well for me and my family, works very good and is easy on your system, it is an all natural product if you would like to have the website so that you can read more about the product yourself write me back and I’ll send you the info
Their have been many autopsy’s done on many different age people, none have been found to be needing a colon cleansing aside from being dead, point is if you feel like you need to clean your colon you will also probably do well with man made religion as well. Maybe you could even find a two for one sale!
Herbalife has a product called 21 day herbal cleansing. Don’t worry you won’t be running to the bathroom. It will amaze you on how you will feel after your body is cleansed. Just look under digestive health at the site below to find out more.
I used colonix. No problem. Nothing like what’s on their website. You just go more.
Yes! I used CleanStart a couple of months ago and I felt so much better. After that I did the parasite cleanse and I recommend both. DR Oz (Oprah show) said 80% of dead people who had been studied, much of the colon was either dead/backed up because of poor diet.
well ask physician..unless certain laxatives “cleansers” are prescribedthey really should be avoided..adding bulk fiber and water daily is great..
I just came off a three-month colon cleanse with Colonix.I loved it. The program was easy to follow, the fiber tastes wonderful in chocolate soy milk, and the tea wasn’t too bad.It didn’t change my life, by any means, but I definitely noticed an ENORMOUS difference in both the quality and quantity of my movements. I didn’t really lose much weight (about five pounds), but I’m sort of small as it is, so I suppose I didn’t have a lot to lose.It’s quite safe; everything is all-natural, and the only way it could harm you is if you took quite a bit more than the recommended dosages. The tea contains senna, which can make your stomach hurt if it’s steeped for too long, but nothing horrible.Colonix is quite expensive. I fortunately didn’t have to pay for mine, because my mom ordered enough for my whole family after getting on sort of a “health kick.” There are probably other things you can do that would yield similar results. psyllium husk and senna are the main ingredients in the fiber and the tea, and those can be found in health food stores for drastically cheaper. It isn’t the same proprietary blend as Colonix, but it should do the trick.I’ve also found just upping my fiber intake works wonders for regularity, as well.Bottom line: If you’ve got the money, it’s certainly worth a try. If you’re leary about spending that much, you might try less expensive alternatives first.
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