What are the benefits of massage on a 9 year old with Down Syndrome?

Q:My son has an opportunity to get 4 free one hour massage therapy sessions from a local 3rd Year College student. He hasn’t had baby massage and doesn’t seem to enjoy any type of touch..other than sleeping close. As a small child, he enjoyed being held and rocked to sleep. I’ve heard of benefits of Chiropractic therapy in children but what about massage?
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I don’t know if it will help at all. Recently there has been a death attributed to massage in Australia. I’d just be very careful and if your son doesn’t enjoy being touched, especially by a stranger it may do more harm than good.
Massage is good for relaxation and circulation. Circulation is good for the heart cause it gets the blood flow going at a good rate and circulation helps move toxins out of the body as well as break down(not get rid of) fat deposits which are toxins. Circulation stimulates the brain adn increases brain activity. Relaxation helps with various body functions and the best thing about massage is that there is no side effects and it will help you not hurt. look into AMTA.com.
Massage is good for muscle relaxation etc, but not much more and if he doesn’t enjoy being touched a whole lot, it might not be the way to go.Chiropractic on the other hand he would definately benefit from. It isn’t a form of massage so there isn’t as much continual contact involved and adjustments last no more than 5-10 minutes. By making sure his spine is inline, it improves everything from behaviour to digestion. Children respond extremely well to chiropractic care so I definately think he will benefit from it.
a massage releases toxins from muscle tissuep.s. thats why you have to pee afterwards, the body is flushing the toxins out
He’s 9. If he wants to, give it a try. Stay with him, maybe sit up by his head and hold his hands, reassuring him that you’re there for him. If he gets upset and anxious and wants to stop, let him.Do you ever get massages? It probably will help if you get them and enjoy them. If you’re tense about it he will be too.
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