Are the health claims of Wheat grass juice bogus?

Q:I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of drinking wheat grass juice, but I wonder if there’s anything to these claims. Does anyone have any idea (science or anecdotal evidence)?
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Yes, the buzz you’ve been hearing about wheat grass is true. It may not be the “cure all” (although some people swear it is) but it has some major health benefits. Wheatgrass is high in antioxidants and chloryphil. My Grandma sent her cancer into remission by drinking wheatgrass juice! (She’s the one that turned me on to it!) But to really know just how good it works, you have to try it! I tryed it, skeptical at first.but I got a huge energy burst about 30 min. after drinking it- I felt fantastic! Try drinking it daily for 1 week- that should only set you back about $9 at Jamba Juice. See if you don’t feel better after a week- more energy, better skin, ect. Then you’ll KNOW! Try it and see!
Agree with Stephanie. Most of the claims are bogus and have never been tested, much less proven. Very little scientific evidence behind it.
Hi,. In my well experienced opinion,. the likes of wheat grass juice is an excellent addition to anyones efforts to promote health in the body. … There have been many individuals who have benefitted greatly from a regular intake of this sort of supplement. (there are others available),.. You should know however that if you are eating a diet or living a lifestyle that is counterproductive to your own health,.. then taking something like wheatgrass juice is not going to do much of anything for you. . It’s potential benefits will be cancelled out by the negative effects of whatever else you are doing. .. Such a supplement as wheatgrass juice is a support tool,. not a cure all. …. We in the ‘modern world’,. are indoctrinated into looking for the ‘quick fix’,.. or that little pill or one item that will solve our problems,. and that is not the nature of natural healing,. which is a ‘Holistic’ and harmonious science. I can also share with you that many consumers of wheat grass juice in fact grow their own wheat grass in their own kitchens and use a specific wheat grass juicer machine to make their own juice. . It is a whole lot cheaper and provides a much more fresh supply of juice. .
any “juices” are just “juices”. your body will only absorb whatever it is that is lacking, the rest goes down the toilet. i would put my money into something much cheaper found at the grocery store. these juices claim way to much and are way over rated in terms of the benefits. i would certainly stay clear from products claiming cure alls and outstandingly high “benefits” for a bottle that costs over 9 dollars. (even thats too high for juice, unless you like pom juice..that stuff tastes WONDERFUL!)
All I can say is that Anything that tastes that bad can not be good for ya!
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