Does anyone know how to clean thc out of your system in a short amount of time?

Q:I have a drug test in 9 days and I don’t have a lot of $. Any reliable home solutions?
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There are a lot of good answers. if you need to clean you system out superfast there is perscription pills called hydrochloride or something. i was poisoned aginst my will and i went through hell. this was 1 month ago. my doctor thought i was a scizophrenic and i didnt go to the hospital for 3 weeks. but when i did it was because my doctor told me to. I smoked some SUPER bad weed. i smoked 2 bowls and it fucked me up for a month. it was laced with drain cleaner or something
DON’T SMOKE POT!You can’t make it go away any faster than it’s going to. IF the test is sensitive enough, you’re screwed. cranberry juice, ocean spray brand.
drink lots of water and hope they don’t take a hair sample
Yes drink a lot of coffee and water and pee as much as you can it will flush you system real good the best time is the last day try about two pots of coffee that is. the more you pee with in an hour before your test the better off you are.
I am, as we speak, drinking a gallon of something called Electrolytes Sol Electrol. I bought it at the pharmacy by subscription. It is supposed to do the trick for my test tomorrow. Maybe you don’t need a prescription
I’m sure 9 days will be plenty of time won’t it? Just don’t get smoking any more weed between now and then, or ever again for that matter.
take niacin,its 3$ at your local pharmacist it cleans it out really well, in like 2 days your good. apply as needed its a pill no side effects its a natural vitamin =) Source(s):my friends mom was a
Lots of water, garlic cloves and stay away from the stuff.
Urine test samples are divided into two vials. If there is any suspicion (wrong colour, not warm enough, or a tiny amount of thc shows up on thefirst test), then the test will be done again on the second vial, only the second test will be much more thorough.So. here’s some facts: THC stores in the fat cells. It takes 30 days to leave your body completely. In two weeks, I’ve always been able to dilute. Drink water up to an hour before your test. You need to take a B-complex vitamin as well, to colour your urine, because diluting it will make it obvious. Eating lots of meat (to raise the creatine levels which will be diluted by the water you are going to drink the day of the test) for a couple of days before the test is helpful as well.Best is to get hold of a test kit and test yourself. Then you’ll know if you can pass doing the things I suggested. You can find them on the internet.
Don’t listen to them. If you’ve got $20, go to a health food store, ask the lady at the counter to show you where the pills that clean out your system are. Take all the pills before the test, but not more than 3 in a day. EXCERSIZE, which will metabolize the THC stored in your fat cells, and drink water to flush it out of your tissue. If you’re heavy set, this routine will be harder to pull off. For me, it’s 100% guaranteed, error-proof every time. I’ve even worked at the sheriff’s dept. this way.Ps. nobody takes a hair sample, because if they could afford that test, they wouldn’t be hiring someone like you, no offense. Pot smokers are the coolest people in the world, but the fact that you didn’t set aside enough money to be able to buy a simple thing like this. Hey, we all have our problems.
All you can do is stay clean as possible and drink LOADS of water. They can test positive for as little as 50 NANOgrams per milliliter! That’s something like 9 parts per billion. Good luck.
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