Can you take to much vitamin C?

Q:Can you take to much vitamin C?
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No, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) cannot be taken too much as you want. If it taken orally will get diarehea. If It taken by intravenous, you will get serious kidney damage. Recommended dossage usually 1000 mg daily oral taken. Even the abundance of vit. c will be released via urethra, but your kidney as filter (really) will work hard, because molecular of Vit.C is much bigger than urine molecular size even after decomposed, and will be deposit as oxalate crystal in your kidney.
You can take too much of anything, including Vitamin C. Your body will only use so much, then it rejects any extra. You can OD on Vitamin C, if you take more than the daily recommended dose.
You can take too much vitamin C in that over a certain amount the body will just eliminate it without it doing any benefit. You cannot, however overdose with the classic symptoms of overdose from vitamin C.
I had a teacher who kept catching a cold from her students and children. She decided to drink lots of oj and take like 3 to 4 vitamin C’s a day. Since the vitamin C and oj is acidic she got blisters all in her mouth and down in her throat. She said it was very painful.
its fine
Well yes and noYes you can take too much and it can affect your brain chemistry but IF you DO take too much the body gets rid of any it doesn’t needC is one of those nutrients that the body can get rid of right away when it reaches it capacity
Yes. But it would have to be a ridiculous amount. Think of it this way–too much of ANYTHING isn’t good for you. Like orange juice is good for you, but too much is bad. It applies to everything.
Yes & No:Try 1,000mg per day. Everyone is different, so start out with 1gram and increase slowly until you have bowel movement and then decrease amount. This is the absolute best way to determine ones maximum amount. You will find that you can tolerate more during illness (colds, flu, etc.). Vitamin C is a ‘water soluable’ nutrient ( as opposed to ‘fat soluable’), it will not store up in your body and any excess not needed is excreted ( although, doing wonders on the way out).Some people can take up to 10 grams per day.
You will know you are taking too much Vit. C when you get diarrhea.
yes u can, seeing as orange juice is mostly vitamin c and you get sick from too much O.J. then yes you can from too much vitamin c
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