Is there any manufacturer producing mercury and aluminium-free vaccines for newborn babies?

Q:Can you please give me the brand name if there are any, that could be used for the mandatory vaccination of a baby at birth? Would such a product be available in New York State? Thanks very much for your answer.
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Most vaccines do not contain thimerosal any longer, manufacturers have been phasing that out for a number of years. If you are (Needlessly, I’d add) scared about thimerosal in the vaccines, you can request thimerosal-free versions from your doctor. Do NOT, in any case, follow the suggestion that you should skip the vaccinations altogether. The odds of your infant contracting a fatal infection are MUCH MUCH higher than the odds of getting any sort of reaction to the vaccines. Do not listen to the scare-mongering quacks and ridiculous stories you can read on the internet. An unvaccinated child is much riskier than an immunized one.Edit: Vaccines do NOT cause autism. False information. Vaccinations are NOT manditory. You can ask your doctor for a paper to sign stating religious exemption. You don’t have to be any religion specifically to claim it, you just say you don’t believe in it. You are very smart to be thinking about the vaccines – by giving them to your newborn you are taking such a chance! Good luck!
Mercury in Vaccinations is not the only problem with vaccines.I would wait at least until my child was 2 years old before giving them any vaccines. A child’s liver is not fully developed until they are 6 months old.(Arounf the time SIDS deaths decline. The brain is not fully developed until age 2. If you can wait, consider researching vaccines first and make an informed decision.If you are going to vaccinate, don’t do multiple jabs. They put too many toxins in the body at once.This link goes to a list of vaccines with mercury and without. There are over 72 toxins in the vaccines that are in the 22 vaccines given to a child before they are 2 years old.SIDS is linked to the DPT shot. MMR shot triggers Autism in those suseptible to neurological problems.(I know because an adverse reaction to the MMR had an imediate effect on my daughter) She began banging her head on the ground and began screaming outside the doctors office. We took her back to the doctor the next day and he said it had nothing to do with the vaccines. He was a liar and so are all doctors who give vaccines and tell you they are harmless.I believe a combination of the MMR and other vaccines make a child vunnerable to a triggering event around 18 months old. The longer you wait, the less likely your child wil have a triggering event. before you medicate
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