Anyone know any good herbs or anything for a short attention span?

Q:Anyone know any good herbs or anything for a short attention span?
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marijuana. at least you’ll have an excuse then.
Around 1987 someone figured out that you could hypnotize like yourself with your finger 3 inches from your nose for 3 min. max and it would cause a chemical to be released in your brain as if you were into REM. You have to follow the finger with your eyes. It’s called EMDRIA but the organization is just a silly newsletter that doesn’t discuss the real thing. Just trying to get your money. The book is great but I don’t know the name of the book. My doctor (MD) lent it to me and practiced on me and it was amazing how focused I could get. Tried it on my girlfriend and she could not focus very well that day. It does not actually hypnotize you. Just the lateral eye movement releases the chemical. Also, sit cross legged on mattress like yoga and bounce. Like riding a horse. I don’t know how that works either but maybe it’s the brain sloshing in the vertical direction. EMDR was developed by American psychologist Francine Shapiro, PhD in 1987 after she observed, during a walk in a park, that moving her eyes seemed to reduce the stress of disturbing memories. Based on these initial observations she conducted further research and published a paper in 1989 describing beneficial results in a number of case studies.Walking in a figure 8, doing math problems aloud, is good too for 15 min. Then subtraction and walking backwards. Crazy but they do produce results.
Fish oil is good. I put our son on a product called Attention Deficit Severe. When I gave it too him as directed it seamed to help, I also changed his diet a bit, cut way down on refined suger and food colorings, and cut down on foods with lot’s of preservatives.His teacher noticed a difference in him!! There is a tape you can buy about A D D from herbal healer.
I would really see a doctor.Guarana is good, but it is strong. So, going to a doctor is best, really.
Go to my ADD/ADHD testimonials on my blog roll.if interested I will tell you what to get Fish Oil – my roommate took that – and it seemed to work
My alt-care provider was able to give me a Chinese herbal supplement called Bupleurum-D. Weird as it sounds, too much crap in your *liver* can mess with your ability to focus, and this supplement helps clean it out.Also, grapefruit essential oil can help spark mental clarity. My housemate has a candle she burns when she needs to study or write for long stretches.
I don’t know about the short attention span, but rosemary, thyme and oregano are great for memory retention.
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