i feel sick?

Q:my stomach hurts what should i take
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It depends on if you over ate, if you are gassed up, bloated, or just a tummy ache. I usually give my stepson Tummy Tamer Tea. I think it is some kind of mint tea. If it is menstrual, try a heating pad. If you think it might be something serious get to a doctor. Good Luck. have some chicken noodle soup and a sprite
milk sometimes settles stomach but if you have a nervice problem seek dr as it could cause stomach ulcers if not medicated you can have bleeding ulcers if its jest upset stomach milk helps You give very little to go on-if pain is sharp,intense and all the time take nothing but have someone take you to Emergency for not just upset stomach if there is bad pain ,could be a number of things and taking something can worsen the problem. If just upset stomach-nausea then you can drink peppermint or spearmint(any herb that is MINT) for its great to settle an upset stomach. Only you can determine if simple upset stomach or could be something more serious and if you’re in doubt o see a doctor who can correctly diagnose and treat you.
Baking soda in water? motrin- ibuprofen
a p/t or ibpro. It’s hard to tell you because it all depends on your age, the symptoms, you may be pregnant, it could be time for your cycle,you just can’t answer a question like that without having more details. Sorry I couldn’t help you.
drink peppermint tea or ginger tea Ginger works wonders to soothe the stomach. Ginger candies are handy to keep around if you often have stomach aches.
pepto bismol or tums.gingerale or well done toast(which will fill you up and helps you not to get gassed up)god luck a nap
Try some sprite or 7up . saltine crackers . and lay on your stomach and try to take a nap!
masturbate, that will fix your stomach TRY TAKING A DOSE OR TWO OF PEPTO BISMOL AND GET NEEDED SLEEP OK I wouldn’t know what to tell you because I don’t know your medical history or what you have eaten or done in the past few days. My suggestion is to consult your doctor to be on the safe side.
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