Do you take vitamins? What ones?

Q:Im not talkin multi vitaminI take A, C, E
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i take vitamin e. I take one Flintstone’s vitamin every day. It has everything I need.
e works for almost every problem Cod liver Oil and C made the difference of a lifetime. They are juices you drink, and although it isnt the best taste in the world, youll usually notice results in about 2 weeks.
Take a whole food supplement from a manufacturer like New Chapter, Mega Food, or Garden of Life. Whatever you do, don’t take a mass market supplement like Centrum. For the obvious reason why not to take this toxic supplement go to: Source(s)
I take Vitamin C and E Why not a B complex? Multi vitamin mixes are quite OK, I think.Something else: If you are suffering from depression and/or anxiety, try the unique one-time treatment Atlasprofilax. It’s amazing, what happens to the self-healing power of your body and mind.The treatment is available in California or Europe, costing approx. 220 dollars. It’s worth travelling far for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Source(s):
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