why should people poop out of there butts?

Q:why should people poop out of there butts?
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I would rather wipe my *** then clean the **** out of my ears.
If you are a guy would you really want to pass a log through your penis.
You took the words out my mouth Jennifer ! right on !Come to think of it, it is poor design having a recreational area right next to a sewerage outfall .
its the thing to do…
It’s the logical thing. Once all possible nutrients have been absorbed from food, the waste must be excreted. The food is consume through the mouth, the opening closest to most of our sensory organs (use to detect food). To absord the most nutrient it must travel far, which will then give time for nutrient to be absorded. Thus, the anus, the place where leftover food leaves is on the opposite side of the body.
cuz I’d rather have it there than my mouth
Because like Wilford Brimley once said, “It’s the right thing to do, and the tasty way to doo it”… Either that or he was talking about oatmeal but who cares, it all looks the same in the end. 😉
what do you mean? Did you want it reversed? Eat thru your butthole and poop thru your mouth? That would be interesting.
It’s in this year. becuz it would be disgusting if it came out of your mouth.
that’s the silliest question
Darling, some people poop out of their brains. You obviously do.
because if we pooped out of our nose, everything would always smell like crap
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