Im on medication & i cant swallow tablets,what should i do ?

Q:i alwayz try swallowing them but i cant i alwayz choke on them & im on medication so itz very important 4 me 2 eat my tablets but i cant swalow them wat shud i do & im 20 yrs old female & it sounds stupid im that old & cant even swallow tablet. can sum1 plz solve my problem?
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you may find a dissolvable tablet in some cases if not capsules are easier to swallow if not then cut them into halves to make them smaller
Try mixing the tablets with applesauce or puddings. Sometimes also helps to take a swallow of water first before trying to swallow them.
You can brake your tablets into smaller pieces before ingesting.
I am 35 and I still can’t swallow pills. Some meds come in liquid can ask your pharmacist..However know that some insurance companies won’t pay for’s much more expensive.(ie) my medicaid would not pay for liquid antibiotics (and they have that yummy strawberry taste 🙂 I take capsules and open them up..I know you are not suppose to do that but hey, it works. I chew up the rest. Yes, they are nasty but it won’t hurt you. You can’t open up anything that is controlled release..they won’t work. Don’t feel bad cause you can’t swallow. I have tried everything and I can’t.
It is a practise and I am sure you will be able to do it…but never try to break the tablet until unless instructed.
You can either put them in apple sauce, pudding, yogurt, or your drink.if you cant do that then ask your pharmacist or get the liquid kind.
get them in suppository form. youll learn to swallow them then in a hurry 🙂 or ask the pharmacist if you can crush them (DO NOT crush them without asking if it is ok first, some meds are controlled release or have a coating so they can survive the trip through your stomach)
Crush them in a coffee grider and put them in a drink.
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