What can I do to prevent seeing demonic images and hearing sadistic voices, but maintain the spiritual ones?

Q:I have been hearing voices and seeing visions for years. They pertain to my life and are generally good things. However, from time to time I have a conflicting image or message, which tend to scare me from living my life the way I choose.
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See a doctor, please. I am not one to believe that doctors have all the answers but this seems to be a case where they could help. You should be scared once in a while Brandy. That’s good. See the doc. I am not sure you have choices concerning separating good from evil voices and images. Maybe as long as you can tell the difference you are OK. If they are false images and voices and you know it then simply do not live your life according to them. As long as you find some of them good you might not be able to rid yourself from any of them. You might have to get rid of them all. It sounds like throwing the baby out with the bath water but it might come to that. What matters is how you feel about giving up all the voices and images. If you can, it probably is a good thing to do it. Remember, I am not a doctor I just play one on the net.
Maybe those scary images are showing what may happen if you live your life by your choice and not by what God has planned for you. Read the Bible it is: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.This is an excellent guide.If you need to know your purpose read the The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. Keep praying, at least you know there are evil and good forces in the world. As long as you walk with the Lord in the Light of His Word demons can do you no harm.God Bless You.
people with so called “gifts” are really deamon possesed. they do not control you but cause all of this. try going to a healer or phyichic
u need to go to a sweat lodge
Tell them to begone.
You might want to consult with a professional about this. Hearing and seeing things that are not there is abnormal, to say the least.Good luck.
Sit quietly, close your eyes and imagine a white healing light coming down through your crown chakra, working its way down through your body and filling you down to your toes. Imagine your body glowing and surrounded by this glorious light. The surface becomes shiny, like a reflective mirror and all negative images/voices just bounce off .. like you’re in a protective bubble. Do this when you get up every morning and before you lay down at night.Also, repeat this mantra often:I am the soulI am the monadI am the light devineI am loveI am willI am of perfect designThere are other dimensions and everyone is capable of ‘tuning in’, like a radio station and you are more tuned in than most. The problem is that you are a channel for both good and bad, and you need to learn to filter out the bad. Doing the above exercises should help.http://www.freewebs.com/spiritualhealing.
In a nutshell, surround yourself in white light.Read up on spiritual protection. Google it, or go to library.James van Pragh is a good author to check.Also, if you are religious, consider talking to a trusted advisor in that realm.Peace!
Hi BrandyYou have a gift and you need to learn how to control it. Sylvia at this site has the answers. CLick on Novus Spiritus.Best of health to youCheers
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