Boiled NEEM Herbal Leaves?

Q:I have been taking a cup of boiled Neem Herbal fresh leaves of 3 little stem every night for 2 months now as we have a Neem Tree in our Camp here in Saudi Arabia. I cant feel any side effect in my body. In fact it helped my cholesterol lowered. Anybody here can advice me if there is a side effect? I mean would it affect my vital organs? Thanks a lot.
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Your sexual vitality may come down. No potency decrease at all. But that is only for a few. But the benefits like blood purity from it out weighs that.
Neem does not have any side effects. In fact, it cures many diseases. It is one of the most remarkable things of nature and it protects from many diseases aprt from curing many. See the attached link for many such effects.
I’ve read and seen the essential oil used. It would be quite a bit stronger than tea from fresh leaves, but the tea would probably be a good beverage and give all the same effects. Tea would take longer to work. It is supposed to be beneficial in many ways.
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