Benefits of MSM?

Q:Benefits of MSM?
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If you are having joint problems I suggest you also look at this product: has as it’s main feature Hyaluronic Acid, but you need to know that all HA is not created equally. Most of what is available in the market place is of no real value. What is used here is BioCell Collagen II, a patented form of HA that is the first to actually be effective orally. Prior to this the only way to get the benefit of HA was via expensive and painful injections directly into the joint. This stuff will also help your skin.A great source of information on nutritional support for health is:
Back in the ’70’s, folks used DMSO to treat all sorts of ailments, including arthritis and other pain, just like they did for horses. However, it had some negative side effects, namely the strong smell and some people can taste it as it enters their system through their skin. Although DMSO is still available, it was further modified as MSM and improved to be more healthful and useful to the general public.** Topically, MSM gives instant pain relief because it allows the tissues to relax. All of our body tissues (muscle, skin, and fascia/connective, bone, etc) are collagen based protein tissues, which are “glued” together by sulfur bonds and use an electron donated by vitamin C. MSM is primarily Sulfur (but not Sulfa, as in the drug that a lot of people are allergic to), and is a detoxifying compound that is commonly present throughout the body. So I imagine the sulphur of the MSM helping the sulphur in the collagen to untangle the knots and unwind the springs.something like that. Some people do take this internally, but I have not tried this at a level that I can notice any benefits, however, many do and they highly recommend it.I regularly use MSM Lotion (made by Rich’s Distributing) on both myself and my massage clients, with only wonderful benefits of pain & inflammation relief.I hope this helps Love & Light! for helps my joints ( I have knee pain) and it also helps my complexion.I’ve really noticed a difference..
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