How Can I Detox T.H.C. Overnight For a Piss Test, Heavy Smoker?

Q:How Can I Detox T.H.C. Overnight For a Piss Test, Heavy Smoker?
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What the other reviewers said or you could, say, not smoke anymore and you wouldn’t have this problem. You’ll still be screwed for tomorrow’s test, but you won’t have to worry about it in the future.
Your best bet is to down some pickle juice.and lots of it. The $40 detox screeners are bunk.
start drinking water and cranberry juice mixed 50/50. I mean slamming it down, cranberry juice concentrate gelcap s and vitamin C and B complex. if your wizzing in the am get up as early as possible at least 5 hours before your quiz, that first wiz holds 75% of what ever there looking for, the more you wiz the cleaner your wiz gets. Keep pounding down the juice and water mix and taken the other vitamins too. The water flush is the best way, and stop token for awhile. Vitamin C & B complex will keep your wiz yellow and mask whatever your hiding, usually 24 hours is good but if you got less time you better start with the stuff now.
How about you be the boss? You are responsible for keeping employees paid, insured and all the other necessities to run your business.Hey, don’t forget to make that liability insurance payment today. AND the work comp. Geez, there isn’t much money left to make payroll……Now, Johnny has worked for you for a couple years and has failed his drug test. Time for YOU to pay for his rehab. Are you calculating all of this?
NOT GONNA HAPPEN! just fess up
Overnight that is cutting it really can get Goldenseal pills from GNC, niacin from the same place and do the half natural unsweetened cranberry juice andhalf water(ALL three will work but you will be in the bathroom for a long time but it will solve your problem.don’t over dose on the pills just take like two)..the only other problem is that all three will come up in your results and depending on how advanced the test is it may detect that you took these the night before.if you are in the military you will get in trouble because everyone in the military knows what those items are used careful.if not military then this should work out for you
You cant, it stays in your system for 3 days to 3 months. Sorry no way to beat it unless you stop smoking for at least three months before the test. see some of the websites I found. There are lots of websites out there saying they will sell you detox kits, but they dont work. If you dont want to get caught, dont smoke
If you know you are having a urine test and cannot come off the weed long enough to let your body cleanse itself then you deserve to fail the test. I would not want you working with me and smoking. I suppose I would be blamed for your mistakes.
an 8 oz glass of water with 4 tblspoons of white vinegar every hour on the hour and drink as much PLAIN WATER (nothing else) the rest of the hour. Do this until bedtime and if you get up during the night (you probably will to go pee), drink another glass. No more vinegar in the morn but lots of water until the test. White vinegar is the most natural cleanser for the body. If you eat, eat fruit with acids, it helps cleanse the bladder. On a side note, a friend of mine would drink SURE-GEL, it’s used in canning, he said the wax works as a temperary lining in your stomach, but you’ll pay when your body is ready to dispose of it. He passed it for his probation officer like that all the time.
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