why is it bad drinking orange juice on an empty stomach, or is it just a myth?

Q:why is it bad drinking orange juice on an empty stomach, or is it just a myth?
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Personally, I think it is a definite myth unless you are already plagued with acid reflux disease.
you can drink it on an empty stomach, but if you drink too muchyour body regrets it and u can get heartburn, stomachache or ull end up on the toilet.just watch how much you drink, its really good for you especially if you buy the one w/calcium.
It can be bad if you have a sensitive stomach or an ulcer. It has a lot of acid in it. just a myth, sometimes that all ill drink, when not eating.
The acid will give you a stomach ache
I really can’t say or agree that it is bad but orange juice does have alot of acid in it an if you are suffering with stomach problems then I would suggest drinking orange juice or if you have been informed you have a thin lining in your stomach then i woul d not suggest having this juice on an empty stomach
I never heard of that. Does it have to do with the acid content of OJ maybe?
thats just a myth.
Some people are sensitive to the acid content of the orange juice. Drinking it while eating a meal will protect the stomach from the affects of the citrus acid in the orange juice.
I think it depends on the person. I myself get a stomach ache, but I have friends that can down the stuff, with or without food on their stomachs.
it has citric acid and can cause burning of the stomach lining, heartburn, ETC
OJ is OKThose people who have acid reflux problems or active ulcers should avoid drinking orange juice on empty stomach related to the citric acid in OJ
i think its a myth cause i have done it b4
If you mean orange juice with nothing added, it’s a myth. I drink it before breakfast, and after, too. No problem.
Im sure its a myth.
You’ll have stomach pain if you do.
it is not bad, it just has so much acid in it most people don’t do it because it will hurt their stomach
I have read/heard of people having reactions to drinking o.j. on an empty stomach. I think that they are probably drinking concentrated/pasturized o.j.. Fresh squeezed orange juice should not bother your stomach, it is actually an optimal time to drink it (fast absorbtion/assimulation). Source(s):The Juice ManFit For Life
i think it is a myth i drink oj or can rather 24/7 i drink it with pizza or what ever i want with no adverse effectsbut if you do experience dicomfort talk to you family doctor or a gastroenterologist(gut doctor) and seek info on acid reflux
i’m sure its because its a bit acidic, i’ve had it a few times on an empty stomach and found myslef with nausea. but this could be my pregnancy disagreeing with orange juice but it might not be.but atill im sure its the acid
maybe because its acidic.and it’ll probably mess up the blader?i dont know..
Depends on whether it is fresh squeezed versus pasteurized from concentrate. The pasteurized version is much more acidic than straight out of the skin.
I think it depends on the individual, because it will give me the runs but my kids would be fun.
orange juice is acidic and some people are sensitive to it and it causes them indigetion
well some ppls like to take orange juice even if their stomach is empty and there’s no harm from it. and some just not suit enough to take them maybe because of the asid content in the orange juice. so if u wanted to take orange juice please take them with bread or etc
MYTH Source(s):im a kid so normally everythings a myth LOL
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