What is the best home remedy for a stye?

Q:my daughter’s eye is very red and swollen, almost looks like a black eye!
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my daughter to. Wtf is there an outbreak! I will be watching for a good answer.
This is an old wife’s tale, but it has worked for me in the past. Get a gold ring and rub it on the stye. It reacts to something in the metal.http://www.freewebs.com/spiritualhealing.
Warm Compress to the eye… with a soft cloth, change it out every 30 min with a fresh cloth. And careful that it may not be pink eye
I have always been told to rub a clean gold ring on the area with the side of the ring. Anytime I have had a stye it has worked. Has to be real gold.
Your urine..but make sure it is yours not anyone else’s or it will not work..seriously.but do not tell anyone and if going near anyone make sure you wash your face
Try warm tea bags (black tea) applied to the eye for about 10 min. several times a day. The tannins in the black tea will fight the infection (staph) and comfort. I did this a couple weeks ago and my styes felt better immediately and cleared up within two days.
a warm moist wash cloth. If she starts getting a yellow discharge get her to the Doctor as that is a sign of infection.. (my dad) would alway give us a hard time and tell us it was from peeing in the street. he could always make us laugh with this
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