Im a little sick and my ears wont pop. Help?

Q:My ears are really stuffed up right now because I’m slightly sick. I can’t get them to pop. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m supposed to go to a shooting range tommorow, and can’t go unless I can get my ears to pop at least once. I’ve taken a bunch of decongestants, to no avail. Does anyone have any secrets they could share to help?
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when that happened to me..I was told to plug my nose(pinch with fingers to hold) and BLOW out your nose even tho your plugging Maybe the shooting will help them pop.
When I had that problem I went to a specialist Ears, Nose and Throat doctor he told me to blow my nose three times a day whether I needed to or not and the condition would work itself out. It did it took awhile but it worked. Quick fix I don’t know if this helped but I hope you get to feeling better! Other than the decongestants you already took, the only other thing I know is that “hold-your-hose-while-you-GENT. trick. I’m sure you’ve already done that. If not, it usually helps me. You might have fluid in your middle ear behind your ear drum. If that is the case, I think your body just needs time to repair itself. Having plugged ears can make you dizzy. Probably not a good combination to be dizzy and shooting guns tomorrow.
hold your nose and concentrate air on the nose to open it up a little bit. always works for me opens up both ears and nose. it may hurt but stick with it. Drink some water.The swallowing sometimes works.Also you can try holding you nose closed and breath out hard through your closed nose.I know how you feel,I hope this helps.♥;
Well, when flying chewing gum seems to help trigger an ear-pop. Why do you need to hear to fire a gun, anyway? hold your nose closed with your fingers and blow hard do this several times it will pop
Sounds like u need to get ur ears cleaned out at the doctors. This has happened to me, and I have had to go to the docs to get my ears cleaned out. My really bad sinus infections cause my ears to plug up. You may also need some anibiotics. But an emergency room can irrigate ur ears, they use a solution of peroxide and water in a large syringe and wash the wax out. It really feels great. Get ur ears ear infections can cause hearing loss.
Go to your local chemist/health food shop and get a *Hopie Ear Candle* – they draw out any blockage when you stick them in your ear and light them. Seriously! Appparently they really work – the instructions are on the packet. it will stop when you don’t think of it, my usually pops when i move my jaw or take a drink of something
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