has anyone had hypnotherapy?

Q:what was your experience like, did it change your life.
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My mom is a hypnotherapist and she has really helped many people. I will not let her hypnotize me, though, because I’m worried that she would start asking me questions about things that I did when I was younger or make me cluck like a chicken every time the phone rings as payback for a rebellious youth.
For me, it was a waste of money. (I still smoke.) To be fair, I didn’t feel very comfortable with my hypnotherapist. That probably affected my results. That said, I went in with an open (even hopeful) mind, because I know someone who it worked for and i enjoy learning about alternative treatments.
Yes, I used it after major surgery to control the pain without medication. I understand not everyone is a candidate for hyponosis. And, it is not like on TV where you start acting like a chicken. http://www.sexinchrist.com/
to a great extend it depends on your own willpower. it only makes you fill supported and confident psycologically.
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