Why do i need a prescription to buy viagra, i just want to give my girl a good time?

Q:Why do i need a prescription to buy viagra, i just want to give my girl a good time?
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Because it has serious side effects like any other presciped drug. It also shouldn’t be taken if you have preexisting illnesses or take certain other types of drugs. Therefore, a doctor must determine if you are fit to take the drug.
It’s a controlled substance!If you are having legitimate problems sustaining an erection to give your “girl a good time,” then you need to see a doctor. If you are simply wanting to get an erection.. and you don’t otherwise have a problem.. then you don’t need Viagra.Viagra will not make you last longer and will not make you sexually excited.
As a chick who was with a guy taking viagra when he didn’t need it, please don’t! I ended up having to LITERALLY RUN away from him after a few hours, cuz i was more than done and ready to stop but he was still ready and rarin’ to go. Its not much fun for your girl.
u dont know what viagra does do you. Please dont waste our time anymore
because it is a drug! The doctor has to check to see if you even have a need to take the drug before it is prescribed to you
Your avatar is young if you are having problems you should see a doctor.It is a prescription because it is a serious med. The chemical it uses also changes the way you see for a while, colors can even be different. If you had a heart condition you can’t take it either. If it was over the counter overdoses and side effects would sky rocket. Get real.
cuz idiots might wanna get extra hard and pop 3 or 4 at a time and get a hard on thats loasts for 12 days but can never get it up again after that.
because there are side effects with all medications & it’s safer to go through your doctor
Because it is a prescription drug and using it the wrong way will hurt both your girlfriend and you. besides, if the thought of giving your girl a good time doesn’t excite you w/out the “little blue pill” then maybe you need to see the doctor anyhow, you might have other medical problems.!
if you don’t want to have and get a prescription then go to a convenient store and buy some stamina its in a blue packet guys buy them all the time and drink a red bull
yes you need a prescription,,what’s a matter cant hang
Viagra is used as a sexual aid, not for sexual enhancement. Trust me when I say that your girl will be afraid of sex after just one night of you on Viagra. It’s really not what you might think.
THAT’S Y! Ur girl might not want a good time! The MD has to talk to her. Source(s):MEXICO
Viagra is not for guys who CAN GET IT UP. It doesn’t prolong you. It just gets you hard. You don’t need it. If you want to give your girlfirend a good time, become skilled at eating her out. Even Ron Jeremy says that women rarely get off by just the penis. Your tongue is your ally. Yes I believe it is prescription. Talk to your doctor.
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