Is it true about Seasilver having to pay out big bucks for making false claims?

Q:Makes ya wonder about a few other companys, too.
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Yes, it cost SEASILVER USA a good amount of money to work with and comply with some FDA and FTC mandates. I don’t think it was the company that was to blame, it was independent reps, who were making erroneous claims about the product. That’s usually what happens, the potential of making money motivates people to exaggerate results.Personally, I think SEASILVER is a great product, and I use it everyday.
Wow, thanks for the link. has some excellent resources, medical abstracts and audio files. Also, they have a very impressive list of medical institutions and health professionals, as well. Yep. By the way, Collodial Minerals once suffered the same demise. There’s a few other companies you’ll soon see on the “chopping block” – one’s that make similiar, unfounded claims (e.g. Noni, Xango, etc.). Bottom line? Stay with only qualitative, third-party research that conclusively depicts product efficacy (e.g., which I think has something like 23 studies).
Yes, Seasilver is paying out big bucks after losing a significant court battle. But to be fair, MOST companies are not corrupt to the extent that they seemed to be. I have personally found that any company that claims to cure diseases is one to avoid. The good herbal and alt med supplement companies strive to educate their buyers on how to live more healthful lifestyles. They don’t claim to cure diseases or ailments.
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