Is this true?

Q:sorry im saving on points so im asking 3 questions.1)i heard if u sneeze with ur eyes open it will popout?2) is it impossible to sneeze with ur eyes open?3) if the mind is strong enough, can u sneeze with ur eyes open?im serious about this question pls no sarcasm thanks.
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no, i guess its not possible to sneeze with your eyes open…
When you sneeze you eyes automatically closed.
Why are you so serious about this?A) NoB) I don’t think so.C) Not if if is an autonomic succession.
I just answered your other question that was almost just like this..1. no..your eyes wont pop out2. yes.its impossible to sneeze with your eyes open3. see previous remark
(1) Your eyes are always shut when you danger.(2) Yes(3) Never because sneezing is an involuntary reaction caused by things such as environmental allergies, illness, etc. Since it’s involuntary, you can’t control it.
Ummm I don’t know.but I know my mother-inlaw farts when she sneezes! ha ha ha ha
NO NO NO no no
1) no;2) no;3) no.
I dont think it can be done. You cannot sneeze with your eyes open. So it makes the eyes popping out question unknown or rumor.
lol i tried to sneeze but it didn’t go
lol i have to sneeze right now ill try it….nope ur eyes dont pop out, yes it is possible to sneeze with ur eyes open
1) no2) just about3) I’m sure Jesus could
Your’e eyes won’t pop out. If they do, I will pay for the medical bill.Although, you might be able ta sneeze with your eyes open if you [i]held[/i] them open.
1 no because you cannot sneeze with your eyes open2 yes our your eyes would popout3 nope no mind can overcome a good sneeze
1) No2) Yes3) No
1) no you testicles might though.2) no it’s a reaction to close your eyes when you sneeze.3) no impossible and why would you want to anyway.
The received wisdom states that if you don’t blink when you sneeze, your eyes will fly out of your head. Thankfully, as is often the case with urban legends, this theory is a load of hooey. Your eyeballs are safe and sound in their sockets. For a funny pictorial representation of this hypothetical scenario, check out this urban myth page from MTV. In reality, a sneeze is simply an involuntary nervous response to nasal irritation. According to this nifty science blog entry, the sneeze impulse affects a variety of body parts, including the abdomen, chest, neck, and face. During a sneeze, the impulses that travel through your face cause your eyelids to blink. This response is entirely automatic. There’s nothing you can do about it. Sneezing puts a lot of pressure on your head and respiratory system, so blinking is probably a protective mechanism.
No sarcasm.It is physiologically impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. This reflex is carried in our cerebral cortex and is hardwired to kick in when we sneeze.
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