Has anyone ever had a colonic or done a colon cleanse? What did you think of it? Did it help?

Q:Has anyone ever had a colonic or done a colon cleanse? What did you think of it? Did it help?
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I have a friend who had one and they told her that she will lose up to 25 pounds, after doing it 3x she lost a big fat NOTHING!!GOOD LUCK!
I wasn’t keen on the idea of a colonic, but I did try a colon cleanse. I can’t say I saw any dramatic effect.didn’t really lose any weight (did have a little less bloating, but that was balanced by having to go a lot), sure didn’t see any weird creatures or plaque in my stool (personally I think those reports are more likely particles of partially digested food and the plaque is likely strings of the psyllium product that is included in these cleanses). Having said all that, I should say that I have an unusually healthy diet anyway, so maybe my experience isn’t typical.
maggie, I work in natural medicine and in my opinion, there’s nothing “natural” about inserting a hose in your rectum and filling your colon with liquid. Unless you’re preparing for a medical procedure, there’s simply no need for one and no credible scientific evidence that they provide any benefit.
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I have not had a colonic with a closed system, like you would find at a clinic. I only have personal experience with a unit made for home use. When I first started using this unit it was because I was going to work for a company that sells them. I wanted to know everything about them. This was 18 years ago. I had never suffered from constipation, or other bowel problems, nor was I suffering from any other condition that I hoped to help by using the unit. My experience was wonderful. I have never receive more compliments on my “glowing” skin. I had a facial done and was told by the person doing it that I had the most beautiful skin they had ever seen. I could out eat my boyfriend without gaining weight. I felt so energetic and light. When I started using it with less frequency, due to being pregnant with my daughter, I had no problems as a result of my frequent use. I had no problem evacuating on my own, just as before. In fact in my research, I have found that by alternating between warm and cold water you can actually give the colon a work out. In doing this you can strengthen the peristaltic action of the colon. I have been told and heard that they are addictive, that they are dangerous. Based on my experience and hundreds of other people that I have spoken to I feel that if they are addictive it is not physically but maybe mentally because you feel so good. As far as being dangerous, please see the following article, COLONIC IRRIGATION: A REVIEW OF THE HISTORICAL CONTROVERSY AND THE POTENTIAL FOR ADVERSE EFFECTS http://www.myhomecolonic.siteusa.biz/about.asp?page=2Personally over the last 18 years I have heard of one death that was due to complications from a colonic. Compare that to the death rate related to main stream medical treatments and prescription drugs. A 78 year old women in Texas suffered a perforated colon from the stiff hard tip used at the clinic. She later died due to the complications of the perforation. This can be easily avoided by only having treatments with a soft flexible tip. The home unit I have comes with soft flexible tips and indicates that the use of a hard tip, especially a stainless steel one could be dangerous. Using a home unit, I don’t risk any contamination from other peoples germs either. As with any treatment, you should educate yourself and make the right choices for your body. Colonics are not for everyone. There are several conditions that could react adversely to colonics, such as severe diverticulosis, recent bowel or abdominal surgery, untreatable high blood pressure to mention a few.As far as success, I have personally spoken to people that were preparing to undergo surgery to remove a portion of their colon that was blocked. After a series of colonics they were no longer suffering from a blockage and were able to cancel the surgery. People have told me that they have had great success with colonics and constipation, acne, and many more things. Just one more thing, there are many great resources out there for finding more about colonics. I have included a list of some of the articles that I found most informative. My dad has. It’s help him get rid of the little bump thingies before they became cancerous. Don’t avoid the colonoscopy.. It can really help you.
Yes, whenever I eat fruit, my colon thinks it’s a stick-up (Nyuk, Nyuk.IBS Joke). What is your goal ? Are you having problems with your bowels. I have never done one but know people who have and didn’t have any negative results that I know off. Are you bound up? Have you tried A Fibre or bulking agent like Metamucil or Benefibre? That can be quite helpful. Good Luck and I hope you are not suffering as much as I do sometimes with problems in that area.
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