a question to a physic?

Q:i dont know if there are any physic`s who are genuine or not. and i know this may sound silly but i want to know if my house will ever sellwe have had a hard time and i want to know when it will get better?i dont know if/how you could tell just by me writing this if not then at least iv gave you all a laugh thanks in advance
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If someone was a physic and they had your answer they would also know that you wanted to talk to them (because of course they are physic) and they would call you. They would already have your phone no. (cause they are physic). But on the other hand they may also know that you will not give them the compensation they want (again, because they are physic) so they will not waste their time contacting you.
you really don’t need to ask stupid questions like that on here. i think maybe you need to go see a shrink.
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