how long do we have to take amoxcillin?

Q:how long do we have to take amoxcillin?
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normally depending on what it is for, 3-10 days is normal. I have never taken it for any less or more time than that.
This is a prescribed medication, so follow the instructions as directed on the bottle and/or by the doctor. Make sure to keep taking it until its all gone. If you stop all of a sudden, the body will start creating an immunity to it and therefore you will become sick again. as long as your script says.don’t stop til its all gone or your body will build a resistance to the antibiotic
Until your bottle is gone if not the infection will come back
anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks.
well, i have to take it 3 times a day every 12 hours until my bottle is gone.
10 days. Even though you might feel better you have to take it for 10 days to get rid of whatever you have. If you take it less you run the risk of having a relapse.
amoxy is given against gram positive bacilli and is commonly prescribed for 5 to 7 days. however in chronic infections it can be given little longer for another week. Source(s):I’m a Doctor
You take all of the medicine in the bottle that the doctor prescribed for you, or the infection might come back stronger. If you break out in hives (like I did) you have to stop taking it but call your doctor and they will give you a different antibiotic Source(s):Personal Experience
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