Over the counter sleeping pill?

Q:Can anyone recommend an over the counter sleeping pill or a product that will allow me to unwind at night and get a good nights sleep? My job keeps me up odd hours and at times it takes me more than 2 hours to fall asleep after laying down due to being so wound up. Can anyone suggest something?
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Melatonin – All Natural Supplement – Works unreal – I use it whenever I need to guarantee sleep – its not a sleeping pill or anything more than all natural – similar to the effects of Trytophan from Turkey
Melatonine works great and don’t neglect the Camommile tea..
tylenol pm works pretty good n it didnt leave me groggy the next day
Valerian is good, you can get it at the health food stores that sell vitamins and supplements.I fall asleep real fast if I try to read a book or focus on something like a video or Coast-to-Coast a.m. on the radio. Get some of those CDs with one composer’s adagios, like “Brahms for Relaxation”, “Vivaldi for Relaxation”, “Vivaldi’s Adagios”, “Albinoni’s Adagios”, “Handel’s Largos”. It’s better when it’s all one composer rather than a collection of different composers. Brahms is the absolute best for getting sleepy, even though he is in the Romantic period and much of his other music is rowdy.
You could take Benadryl (diphenhydramine) but I find it makes me feel very foggy the next day. There are some good homeopathic remedies to try.
yes, Melatonin is the bestit is all natural yet effectivedon’t get anything like Tylenol PM or Sominex or those other sleep aidsthey are all simply benadryl (diphenhydramine)which you don’t need (unless you are having an allergic reaction)okay, sure it WILL make you sleep, but can make you groggy in the morning (not good). simply sleep, although take it well in advance as it sometimes will leave you drowsy after sleeping
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