Would acupuncture help my moms pinched nerve?

Q:Would acupuncture help my moms pinched nerve?
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Definitley. Acupunture can amazingly help all kinds of back problems, and sometimes prevent them…
I’m a firm believer in acupuncture – I use it as a first-line approach to acute pain of any kind, and have had excellent, long-lasting results. I prefer to not have “adjustments” of any kind, except by a skilled DC, because many chiropractors can actually make a problem worse by rough adjustments that can bring on early arthritis in the affected area. My older daughter is a veterinarian, and she uses alternative medicine with her clients’ dogs, cats, horses, zoo animals, etc. If you could see a “paralyzed” weiner dog come into her clinic, have about five acupuncture treatments over about one month’s time, and then be able to walk normally again, I think you’d have to re-think the adjustments vs. acupuncture issue in favor of acupuncture. This is a proven, ancient Chinese approach to wellness. Give it a try!
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