can jogging and pranayama be done simultaneously?

Q:In order to lose weight I do some jogging and other exercises in the afternoon. I also need to reduce stress so I am thinking about doing pranayama. But is it advisable to do both similtaneously?
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No. The amound of controlneeded to properly execute pranayama exercises are not compatable with jogging or any physical exercise, expeically at the beginning of the breathing exercises. Do them at different times of the day. I find that, for me, the best time for pranayama is early in the morning, just after I wake up, then again at the end of the day, about an hour or so before I go to bed. I both sleep better and find myself more relaxed during the day. Course I’ve been doing that for 30 years…so…
Pranayama and jogging are not compatible.However, being conscious of your breathing, and controlling it can be of benefit.First, ensure that you inhale through your nose.Then find a jogging pace which doesn’t get you out of breath, so that you can inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a pace, and then exhale for the same time that you inhaled, then hold a second.This regular breathing, while not complete pranayame, can be of benefit. This is what I do when jogging and I find that it helps me to keep a regular pace, and makes me feel better.
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