Whats the best way to crack your back?

Q:Ive had a 120 pound girl walk on my back and it poped a little. But it still feels tight.
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I’m no chiropractor, but I always pop my back this way:1. Sit up in a straight-backed chair with arms.2. Keeping your feet flat on the floor in front of you, grab the left arm of the chair with both hands, and pull/twist your upper body around as far as possible. (May need to arch your back slightly backwards.)3. Repeat with the right side.Also, try sitting up straight, cross your ankles, and extend your legs straight out in front of you while arching your back slightly backwards. Get a 200 plus girl to walk on your back.
The only way that works for me is when my brother wraps me in a big bear hug. presses his fists into my spine, and squeezes with his arms. Kind of like a backwards Heimlich maneuver, but gentler and slower. I’m a real ball of pain when we’re apart for too long.
Go to a chiropractor before it becomes a problem.
You need a 220 pound girl. This is America; it shouldn’t be a tough search.
I agree with juntius…thats the way ive done it for years…i also see a chiropractor..cause sometimes i cant get it to pop
Sit in a chair and bend over backwards
Go see a chiropractor. That what you need to do rather than having someone walk on your back. One wrong step and you’re a paraplegic.
Caution with this one…cross your arms with a hand atop each shoulder. Someone behind you gently lifts you up off your heels by grasping your elbows and they lean backwards.========Chiropracters want to totally loosen your back. Often that’s not necessary. Only let them do all that, with the x-rays and stuff if you are in true pain.
you could try this: sit upright in a stiff seat that reaches just above your waist (i.e. your lower back), then supporting yourself, bend all the way back ,go as far as you can. This should free up some tightness, and as an added bonus, while streched back, squirm all you like.
havin someone step on it its called massage
MY style is to lay on my back in bed, right on the edge. keep your shoulder on the bed and take your inner leg and lift it over your pelvis and try to touch the floor with it… think of your back like a corkscrew.. so the same on the other side. works every time for me.
Go to a chiropractor. You could really mess your back up doing it on your own.
Go to a Chiropractor. They can get the job done, just don’t fall for their “maintenance” crap.
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