Alternative to Valium PLEASE?

Q:My husband is on Effexor and Valium for chronic depression. he knows he takes too much valium but needs something for the anxiety. Does anyone know of any alternative meds that aren’t as dangerous or addictive as valium please?My husband has an addicitve nature when it comes to drugs (legal ones). He has been on medication for the past 15 years due to chronic pain from a motor bike accident.Any help would be appreciated.
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The person to ask is a competent Psychiatrist who should be overseeing his medications. If I remember correctly there are newer medications that claim to be very effective, but the newer medications are *extremely* expensive, and he is likely to be just as dependent on them.
Valium mixed with an addictive nature probably isnt the best mix – huh?Although meds are extremely effective, I would also suggest some emotional therapy, rather than being dependant on drug therapy. Seeing a psychiatrist – which you may have already done – is a great way to start things off – if you have seen one already try another – they have some wonderful techniques for anxiety.Sertraline -Zoloft- would be a fantastic medication as stated earlier by another reader as it combines to qualities.. it acts as an anti-dep and anti-anxiety. Although perhaps he has not been perscribed this becase of his pain relief patches.Can he be changed on to another type of pain relief for his injuries which may then allow him to try sertraline? Go back and see your local gp and if you arent happy get a second opinion. Keep going back or seeing someone new until you get your desired outcome. Many doctors wont suggest much, others will go out of their way to help.Wishing you and your partner all the very best
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