Has anybody had any REAL success with herbal meds for ADD?

Q:I have a 10 yr old with ADD. The internet has lots of listings for various herbal remedies, but they are all from the companies selling them, so of course they ALL say they are the best!
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your ten year old does not have ADD. He has a parent that does not fully understand his needs. When you were a kid, how many kids did you know with ADD? The answer is none, because it wasn’t around back then. So why is it prevalent today? Because some drug company invented it. Take your child off medications (slowly, with the help of a doctor, and lots of paying attention) When i was a kid about 14, i had a meeting with my parents and my teachers because they thought i had ADD. I asked to see their degree’s in medicine, then told them to **** off. Now i’m in grad school to get another Ph. D., this one in pharmacology. I also make over 100k a year (part time). You should also pick up a book called ‘The Edison Gene’, as it explains that most kids that are diagnosed with ADD may actually be silent genuises, as were Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. And stop researching things on the internet, instead, try acting like a parent.
Recently I treated two children with ADD, I am giving them these two Homeopathic remedies and both are coming along very well without any side effects or complications the remedies I am using are AVENA SATIVA in Q(Mother Tincture potency) 20 drops thrice a day in a sip of warm water and the cell salt KALI PHOS in 6X potency every four hours two tablets dry on the tongue let them dissolve on the tongue. Both children have been taking it for more then 15 days now and their mothers are extremely happy with the results and so am I !Take Care and God Bless you. P.SAVENA SATIVA is Common Oats !
my brother is an adult with ADD, amongst other illnesses. he has used a traditional chinese treatment talked about in this article http://www.itmonline.org/arts/add.htm,. however while it had some benefits for the symptoms of ADD, his doctor has noticed there have been causes for concern in other areas, currently my brother is being observed as a case study with a group of other adult ADD sufferers who have used both traditional medicines and homeopathic treatments
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