Ongoing problem with gas. Does Apple Cider Vinegar really work? I use Beano & Acidophilus. Other suggestions?

Q:Ongoing problem with gas. Does Apple Cider Vinegar really work? I use Beano & Acidophilus. Other suggestions?
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STOP! Apple Cider Vinegar will increase gas. If not farting, burping! Start weeding stuff into or out of your diet. ie; for a couple of days, don’t eat raw vegetables – cook them. Don’t eat beef, try turkey, chicken or ham. There are alot of other things to try. Try stuff for at least 2 days because it takes that long for your system to work with it.Metemucil or another fibre will help clean out excess blockage in your intestines which often cause farting too.Try the diet adjustments. It is good to know what gives you gas. Personally, I find onions, peppers and raw celery or lettuce does it to me.
How can gas be a problem? Farts are fun, are you kidding me, let them rip and enjoy life! 100 years from now, no one is gonna remember! I fart all the time, and never once saw it as a problem.
Apple cider vinegar is only going to make the problem worse by increasing acidity! Acidophilus and Gaviscon antacid will help.
Ongoing gas can be an indication of trapped waste in your gastrointestinal tract continuing to fester and not come out. This is likely exacerbated by continually feeding your body the foods that caused the problem in the first place. Beano’s main active ingredient is aspergillis mold, which is a very virulent mold that, with occasional use, can help. Basically this mold is used to break down the trapped waste for you like enzymes are supposed to do. However, with prolonged use, and especially if you already suffer with a candiadis albacans (yeast) overgrowth, it can actually make matters worse.Using acidophils is commendable. I’m not sure how much you’re taking, what brand, etc. Make an effort to find human strain acidophilus. Genestra brand supplements produces one. Start out with the baby dose and work your way up to the adult does so as not to shock your system. The gas can also be caused by a constant battle between the acidophilus you’re taking and the candida overgrowth in your gut that you’re feeding with the beano.I’d highly recommend doing a mild colon cleanse and then starting with the human strain acidophilus along with a good enzyme supplement that does NOT include aspergillis mold.I can provide you with a cleansing kit if you would like to contact me. I’m a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils which produces a very effective cleansing kit that I’ve personally used several times and had wonderful results with.Oh, yes, and as for the apple cider vinegar, the reason it’s suggested is because, though it’s acidic, once combined with your digestive fluids, it leaves an alkaline ash in your system. Unfortunately, it has proved ineffective in my battles with internal yeast. However, I did find it was effective for yeast on the skin in the case of diaper rash on my son and a brief bout of yeast during breast feeding.Even if you don’t contact me, please look into what I’ve said. You deserve relief.
Try some Digestive Enzymes. The ones in Beano are only for beans. If you get a good named brand Digestive enzyme it should help the problem. do some research and find out what enzyme you need. Some people have trouble digesting carbs, others meats and fats. A good digestive enzyme supplement will have lots of diff enzymes to help the whole digestive process. I use one called Mega zyme and I love it. Alex
Carefully chew and swallow your food with care not to swallow air with it. That is where most gas comes from.
You need to check with your doctor. There may be something wrong that is causing the gas other than just something your are eating.
vinegar is for goiter, not gas.
Activated charcoal, which absorbs gas, is the only thing that works once you have gas. You need to know why you have gas, as it can be an indication of intestinal bleeding. If it is a matter of diet, change what you eat or suffer the consequences.
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