Sore Throat Remedy?

Q:What is your favorite sore throat remedy? Mine is killing me, so answer quickly, please!
More Answers to “Sore Throat Remedy?
Chew on ginger root.
honey and tea. a cup of hot ginger tea with or without hoeny. a sleeping pill.that should stop you from killing yourself.
You need to gargle with salt water several times a day.It tastes yucky, but it works.
Mmm. a good lemon tea made with honey instead of sugar.. I have a cup in front of me right now.
Six Spirit Pill/Liu Shen WanBuy from chinese medicine store/supermarket.If you don’ know this the picture you can print: you can order online: one best of the best.I tried so many medicine for sore throat nothing worked better than this one also the cheapest.
swallow some vicks
Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat herbal tea. You can find it at most grocery stores or health food stores. It contains licorice root and slippery elm and works like non other to sooth a raw throat. Tastes great too!
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