How can I make my tongue longer?

Q:Like Gene Simmons from Kiss? He like cut this flap of skin back there called a frenulum… but I don’t want to just get a hacksaw, or have some bum off the streets do it.Are there doctors that would do it, or do I have to go to the tattoo/piercing place? I hear there are hindu priests that do this… How do I know if someone can legally do this safely? and about how much would it cost? are there any other ways to get a longer tongue?
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well you should practice streaching it to one side by it’s self don’t pull it just streatch it as far as you cana nd keep doing it.
Whoever told you that “Hindu priest do so ” was either lying and making fun of you or was a racist/communal moron.
What is wrong with the length of your tongue, man, because it sounds crazy. Maybe you should rethink it altogether. Hpe you don’t find a specialist in this area.
i had that done it hurts for a couple days but does extend your tongue! My family doctor cut it with a surgical clippers 3 times and it was done! No numbing ouch!
You can’t. Sighhhh. The questions you see on this website, I swear…
try exercising it by sticking it out to your nose
Stick out your tongue and pull it every chance you get.
I fully understand why you would want to lenghten your tongue… but consider this…Gene Simmons could breath through his ears. Can you? If you are seriously considering this speak to a medical practitioner. You only have one tongue and should anything go wrong what will you do with a longer tongue if it looses it’s functionality? A doctor could probably do it.Or you could just pull on it really really really hard.
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