Do you think that sometimes we can bring about certain illnesses with negative thoughts?

Q:I do realize that some ailments are caused by environmental or genetic issues but I was wondering if others out there believe that sometimes we bring on our own illnesses sometimes just by our negative thoughts, or not being able to release hidden anger/bitterness from the past.
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sometimes deep depression can make you throw up, it is possible for it to make you sick, so i guess that we could bring certain illnesses with depression, but it has to be really bad
Oh ya Ive noticed if I get realy stressed out I get realy bad headachs and my face breaks out with acne, though those arn’t realy bad illnesses they still suck
I sincerely believe that we can bring on sickness through negative thoughts or pent up anger/bitterness/frustration. The human mind is a powerful thing and you can create negative things with negative thought.
Definetly. If our mood is depressed or otherwise not positive, it can lower our resistance. Many illnesses having to do with the immune system such as Epstein Barr, and MS are exacerbated by our emotional health. Mental illness is an illness, and certainly negative thoughts would make the effects of mental illness(es) worse. I am in a support group called al-anon for families and friends of alcoholics. Many are being treated for different types of diseases that are thought to be worsened by their depressed mood from living with their alcoholic loved ones.
All illness comes from the mind. If you manage to release all anger/bitterness from the past, not worry about the future and always live calmly in the present moment, then you should stay 100% healthy. I don’t think illnesses are genetic .. it’s the thoughts that are inherent that cause the illness. For example, if a parent/grandparent eventually suffers from dementia due to getting stressed out with life, holding things in and not releasing negative emotions. We tend to take on traits from watching our parents/grandparents and if we mimic their behaviour and reactions to life, then chances are you will also eventually have dementia. It’s possible to break the chain, change your way of thinking about life and avoid anything thought to be genetic and unavoidable.
It goes beyond that. If you down yourself out long enough,it can kill you. The mind and the body are all in one package. One effects the other.
I think so, because if we are negative or stressed our breathing pattern changes and we can’t supply enough oxygen to our cells, and therefore we can get sick. This happens when we think aboutthe anger, we are constricting ourselves involuntarily, sometimes raise our blood pressure needlessly and make ourselves sick.I firmly believe that laughter and positive attitude is the best medicine.
I believe that our psychological state definitely has an impact on our physiology. It is well known that the effects of stress (which is not something, like a cigarette that can be held in one’s hand) has some very negative consequences on the body and hormone levels. If stress can cause all kinds of problems then one’s mental state can surely bring on other physical manifestations. Although I don’t believe the physical manifestations of negativity to be the worst effect; it seems to me that I would rather suffer an MI or have migraines everyday than to carry around with me the unresolved issues that are brining on such ailments. It seems worse to be emotionally tied to bitterness because it is something that is so crippling and destructive. (Great question by the way!)
I agree 110%!Especially if you have a medical background or do a search of a problem. Chances are you could make yourself believe that you have a problem and even perhaps present symptoms! Example, I recently was part of a problem in the family. It REALLY stressed me out and worried me. After it, then I started getting severe headaches (something I don’t get often). We’ve all seen a baby cry and cry over something. Then if you get their attention, they stop automatically if it’s something they like. The human brain is very powerful! On the flip side, I don’t think that if someone is in a wheelchair for something you go and say they’re in it due to problems tat home or anger.
Well a doctor once told me that you can become ill just because of nerves. Things going on in ones life and things such as that.
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