Would snorting a line of aspestos be dangerous?

Q:And how dangerous would it be? Better or worse than a line of Zyklon b?
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ASBESTOS- Installing this stuff is hazardous. You need to wear long sleeves ,gloves,and protective eyewear and a covering for your mouth.If this stuff gets on your skin,imagine hundreds of tiny glass needles being inserted into your body. Now imagine those tiny needles inside your nose? You would hemmorrage like a stuck pig.
Very dangerous! You don’t want that stuff in your lungs. Asbestos goes thru living tissues like sharp needles; you’d feel suffocated and in pain.
Please try them all and report back to us.
asbestos? Not if your a troll.
If you like to have a severe form of lung cancer, by all means.
You are a moron but thanx for the 2 points
Is that blue or white.Katie spells it out for you pall
Aspestos, no.Asbestos, yes.The Zyklon would give you the best head rush though.Go for it.
Weirdo, Get a life Well, let’s just say if you like instant cancer, snorting aspestos is awesome.
Tell me your joking and that your not serious! You must have a death wish. Just the thought of it makes me so angry. Try snorting some fresh air for a change. You might faint from the shock of it but when you come round you will have clearest of heads that you have had in a long time.Please take time and read up on asbestos and it’s harmful effects,and grow up will you before it’s too late?Anyway just lets set the scene shall we. You snorted this asbestos sometime ago and it is lying dormant in your body, but because it is a living organism it has now multiplied to such an extend that your lungs are just full of it. As the years go by you are finding it increasing more difficult to; you notice your nails are looking deformed; you cannot go about your daily routine and are unable to even dress yourself never mind support your family. You go to the doctors and he tells you that an incurable lung disease of you will eventually die.NOW! You wake up and realise it was all just a bad dream… and that there is time to do think twice about snorting anything. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…Having re-read your question and additonal details, I take it you’ve not long left the armed forces and you are trying to get make a point here.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…
Ya think. asbestos is pure lead. It can cause bleeding of the nose, it could give you a heart attack. It could cause an anurism. You could go blind. I don’t think you outa be snorting anything. It can all kill you. Think before you do. use the sense that God gave you or the lack there of. Go have a coka- cola. It is better for you.
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