i have issues swallowing pills of any kind, are there ways to get through this?

Q:and dont say crush them in appl sauce, i was told that and tried it and it ruined the taste of apple sauce, and i wont eat it anymore
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Start with a sip of water, then hold the water in your mouth as you put the pill in your mouth; then drink more water to wash everything down. oh man i have that same problem!! geez let me know when you find a good answer please!
Hold your breath and dont use water to swallow them cause water doesnt work for me.. or you can always get the chewable pills..lol My mom crushed them and put them in grape jelly! Lots of meds come in liquid form–ask the DR. or pharmacist if yours does. Good luck.
break it up (if you can) and put them in juices. Hold your nose and just chug. just put the pill in your mouth and wash it down with a drink it always works for me! =)
cut them up Try putting them on a spoon with yogurt, pudding or applesauce. Them swallow them.
If their good pills, send um on over to me! 🙂 all kidding aside, I just chew up a cracker and swollow it down with that then chase it with a little water. This really is psychological, but even though I tell myself that, I still have trouble with anything larger than an aspirin. Some pills are dangerous to crush, so don’t try that unless you know for certain it’s safe. There are two really good options: Either take the pill with a warm liquid (tea, etc.) or take the pill with water or juice and then immediately take a sip of a warm liquid. The warmth of the liquid relaxes the muscles in your throat and helps the pill to slide down easier!
swallow them whole while drinking a juice that you like. It’ll lessen the awful taste of the pills. yes, you can have injections or you can have pills deivered by your rectum (butt). ask your doc about your options.
This sounds silly, but I am a mom and a health care worker and I taught my kids and I’ve taught several patients this way, First of all, don’t crush or break them. Not all pills are made to be broken and can be dangerous if taken that way. Second get yourself some fat straws like the ones you get at Mcdonalds. Take a big drink of any fluid you like just to make sure your mouth is moist..put the pill just in the tip of the straw and suck in a BIG sip of the drink. The straw helps guide the pill and liquid straight down the center of the mouth and throat where it is widest and easiest to let everything pass! It might tak a little practice but it will work. Good luck. i have to break them up
cut em in half or smaller portionas and gulp quickly with really cold water break them into 2 pieces,I know its hard..i choked on one pill few yrs back.now i have this fear.
try cutting bits of banana and swallowing them whole. my parents did this with me and i can take so many pills at once now! Just get over it.
yeah try putting ur pills in ur food like bread .or something u like to eat ..it helps I also have this problem. I used to have to take the pill push in back my throat and swallow. now I look for the smallest type pills (like tylenol tablets) and take them one at a time. if its a prescription, i imform the doctor that i have trouble and if possible they give me something smaller.
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