Dose anyone know a home remedies for black eye?

Q:Dose anyone know a home remedies for black eye?
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Put a raw steak on it.
COLD and HOT treatment. if u got a gel pack apply it cold for first 24hrs and then hot for next 72 hours if applicable.COLD is to reduce swelling and stop internal bleedingHOT to remove/reduce and clotting of and warm water with cloth can be used instead of the gel pack which u have to soak in ice/freezer and warm/hot water
Fred Flintstone used to use a tbone steak!
LOL.stay away from the fist. That should cure it in about two to three weeks. The “home” remedy part of it is to stay your butt at home if you can’t stay out of trouble. LOL
a lot of make up
If ice is applied 10-15 minutes on and off, (with ice in a cloth) right after the injury, some of the discoloration can be avoided. The dark color is pooled blood from the injury. After it is left in the tissue, you can only wait until your body absorbs the blood cells.
Arnica is a homeopathy remedies which will acclerate the healing process.
anything cold. I use a cold wash cloth because frozen steaks and ice are unbearable for me. Also, do not touch it. It is a bruise and pressure with only make it worse.
Sorry but i would not put a piece of raw meat no where near my eye. You know how much bacteria there is, and i don’t think a steak will do anything anyway. I would just put an ice pack wrapped in a wash cloth or a bag of frozen vegetables over your eye for about 20 minutes to reduce swelling. It will eventually fade with time.
You can’t cure a black eye – it is dead blood and you have to wait while your body disposes of it – you can’t speed your body up
Chocolate. it always makes me feel better no matter what.
yes, stay out of the HOME of the person that did this to you! Take this prescription and see the nurse up front……….
fresh peice of steak held to the eye works wonders. No joke.
Besides ice for 20 minutes on & off, elevate the head, even when sleeping. Arnica, pellets by mouth and topical cream, is a wonderful plant remedy that treats the pain & bruising and can be used liberally with absolutely no side effects. Don’t use aspirin, as it’s anti-coagualant effects can prolong/spread the buising .Arnica oil ( Arnica in olive oil is the most potent form, but will stain clothing so is best used at night). It is all available at health food stores. Take good care of yourself.
a steak
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