Where can I get Potassium Cyanide?

Q:I’m looking for potassium cyanide in a small quantity (15 g or less). I would like to know where it’s available, how much it costs, and if it can be shipped worldwide. Are there any websites that I can get it from? Again, I’m not looking for a lot.
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First I cannot believe that you asked that question. Who are you trying to get rid of? Apparently you know what cyanide does to the body.. Yes, it depleats oxygen from the body and hence, death.. Why not you two go on vacation, say ruby falls in Chatanooga push him off the swinging bridge..But now you see you have blown it. YOU BETTER HOPE HE STAYS ALIVE..
Your goose is cooked now! If you use it it can be traced back to you from this site! Don’t do it or you will be caught.
If you use any popular search engine, such as Yahoo or Google, and put Potassium Cyanide in the search box. you will find multiple sources. The same is true of Hydrochloric Acid.. It can also be obtained in a relatively impure and dilute version, called Muratic Acid, at hardware or masonary stores. It is routinely used to clean mortar splashes off of new bick work. it may also be found at Pool Supply stores. It can be used to correct the PH of swimming pools. It is also the acid in our digestive tracts.
If you knew anything about cyanide, then you would know that it can be easily obtained with a little know how. The fact that you are asking these questions means you have ill intentions and I hope that you have some dark suits knocking on your door soon.
yes will you are stupid for asking and the feds are probly on ther way to your place now.if i were you i would hide.
Those are deadly substances. Stop trying to get them. They are difficult to find for a reason.
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