what is a good home remedy for bronchitis?

Q:im pretty sure that i have it. i have been coughing constantly for 2 weeks today. there is a yellow/green phlem or something that i cough up or blow out of my nose. if you think that you know what i could be and a good remedy to easy the coughs and runny nose then please share with me. i would go to the doctor but i dont even have that much money to go to the cheap clinics, and certainly not the perscription. anything helps. thanks!!!
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Well, hot teas with honey, cold meds and saltwater gargle might help. But, if gone untreated bronchitis cold turn into pneumonia. I pray that it doesn’t, please take care of yourself!
Lots of liquids help alot. Something hot helps like a dilator to bring up phlegm and all. Of course any liquids juices , water etc…help to thin out the secretions. Taking Tylenol helps you feel a bit better and usually bronchitis is self limiting meaning it doesn’t normally require much unless you have a underlying condition it is viral and no antibiotic would really help that much on it anyway. Most studies they have done showed that if you took an antibiotic or didn’t take one the bronchitis lasted about the same either way.So lots of rest, liquids, something hot and stay away from milk and milk products for now it makes your secretions thicker. Hope you feel better soon. Oh of course DO NOT SMOKE.
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