Is it true that cream designed for hemorrhoids is good for your eyes.?

Q:Has anyone tried it and if so what are the benefits/whitch brand is the best etc. Many Thanks.
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It is very astringent. It can tighten up wrinkles of your skin in that area. DO NOT put it in your eyes for any reason. It will be like getting lemon juice in them and burn like crazy.
Preparation H, it just shrinks the skin so it looks tighter, doesnt do any good in the long run x
Yes, it reduces the puffiness and it is a great moisturizer for the eye area. Really, any brand will work, including store brands. Don’t get it in your eyes, just pat it around your eye and then put on your foundation.
I cant see how a cream mainly composed of anesthetics,vasoconstrictors,p. and antiseptics can be of any good for the eyes..I wont try !
Yeah but everything looks like sh#t after.
Yes, it does reduce swelling around the eyes for about 24 hours after use. However, it also smells a bit nasty, even if you haven’t used it for haemorrhoid treatment, because it includes Shark liver oil as an active ingredient. Definitely only use it occasionally. And use preparation H because it’s cheap.
it is a steroid and will shrink puffiness BUT continued use of steroids will permanently thin the skin and even scar it.
So I’ve heard, but it may cause piles of other problems
I’d be a bit worried about putting anything that is designed for my @rse anywhere near my face!
It’s not for the eyes, but for the skin under the eyes that is helped. You do have to be careful to not let it get into the eye itself.
You could end up looking a right a r s ehole!
Yeah I think its a trick used by fashion industry people, because it works as a vasoconstrictor ie it reduces blood vessels width, hence reduced puffiness and redness. Therefore this is why it is used for hemorrhoids as it reduces blood vessels. Obviously you dont apply it to the eye itself-definately dont want this stuff in your actual eye, but I believe it can be used on the tissue around the eye. The actual application, and what particular brand best to use I dont know, however if done safetly I guess you could experiment a little, however I would be cautious+++ without guidance from someone who has used it before. I think for the average person, its results would be minimal, however if your right into make-up etc, or a model etc, it could be utilised as another little trick to get the best look.
Yes I have. It helps reduce swelling (puffiness) under the eyes (not in the eye) As far as brand I’ve always use Preparation H. But I think there all about the same…..
try it and find out
Yup it gets rid of your bags under the eyes…for god sake don’t be squirting it in your actual eye! lol
It just reduces the puffiness – don’t actually put it in your eyes though, just around them. It also works on spots. I don’t have a recommendation, sorry.
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