what are the 3 best things to take for candida?

Q:what are the 3 best things to take for candida?
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(1) Grape seed extract (2)caprilic acid (3) probiotics
Oregano, Cranberry, and Probiotics will clear it up nicely. 3 times a day with all except the probiotic – once a day with that. . This clears it up without hurting the friendly flora. Lots of yogurt as well. I am at windstarhealing.com if you have any questions Fishing poles, good beer and friends!
Candiasis comes in several forms, vaginal yeast infections, and thrush in children/adults are the most common. For both call your MD and he will prescribe you a medication that will quickly take care of either form.
My mom has had problems w/ chronic candida on and off for about 20 yrs. The very best thing to do is stop eating sugar, it feeds it. Eat yogurt or take acidopholis daily. If it gets really bad, you can get Diflucan, a prescription yeast treatment pill, from your MD, but it isn’t healthy to take too many too often. There are also liquids you can get at health food stores, but many of them didn’t seem to work for her. If she’s not eating sugar, she doesn’t have any problems.
You only need one. It has phytonutrients, flavenoids and polysaccharides which work on all auto immune deficiencies such as free radicals, bacteria, yeast, inflammation and fungus. Once these are eliminated from your system, the candida cannot thrive.
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