Is it wise to take an unmarked pill i found at a party?

Q:I found it on my friends couch, no one said anything about it, and it’s unmarked. would it be a bad idea to take it?
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You know the answer to this one
you wouldn’t ask if you thought it were harmless. could be a vitamin.could be extascy.could be a preparation-h suppository.why risk it?
The fact that you have to ask this question is telling me that you already know that it would be foolish to take it, right? Go with your instinct and throw it away. It could be heart medication, rat poison, a laxitive, esctasy, or a number of other things. You have a 50/50 chance of becoming a vegetable. Is that something you want to risk?
Crap NO. go to the hospital for an appointment, fake that ur ill and ask a doctor to cure ur curiousness. anything unmarked could be a drug and “drugs are bad, HM’k”
Duh! Yeah it would be a bad idea. It could kill you for all you know! Or…it could be totally harmless. But why take the risk when it’s your LIFE that’s involved?! That wouldn’t be wise at all.
well NO DUH its a bad idea! You dont know where it has been and WHO has touched it! It could be a breath mint and i wouldn’t take it. And it was on the couch! What if some person farted on it? would you still take it? well..everything up there was B.S. except the NO DUH part..if you see a pill dont take it, only take pills that doctors prescribe to you.
hey well in the very best it could be a drug, (probably no if it don’t have a nice ting like a butterfly or something like that, in the worst it could be the granny pill for her heart and if u eat that u are in sooo much trouble u can die of heart faliure if it’s the granny pill
well it depends on how long your doing pills if your wasted and have that self destruct disposition all drug users have go for it you have nothing to loose
You are kidding. right?, No person can be that stupid.
Be a man and take it.
yeah cause it might just be a parecetamol what a waste of time that would be besides 1 pill aint gonna do an awfull if its an e your gonna need at least 7 4 the night
It would be wise to take the toilet and flush it.Why would anyone in their right mind think of swallowing an unknown drug?
I dont think just one would do anything. Might as well try it.
Throw it away! Dont take it..
I think it would be a good idea to take it. If it makes you feel good than come back and tell us what it looks like and where your friend lives. If it kills you, then there is one less idiot in the gene pool.
Up to you. If you grow breasts then it was one you shouldn’t have taken.
NO NO NO, don’t take it. It can be a contraceptive or female hormone replacement pill. You can end up growing bubies and having period.
I think you should take it as it might be ok & leaving it would be a waste!
My guess is that by you asking this question you already have doubts about taking it. So, why not go with your gut instinct and NOT take it or do like to live dangerously?
are you seriously asking this question? Are you some kind of idiot?! THROW IT AWAY! who cares what it is.its not for you thats for sure.
Yes, a very, very, very bad idea. You have no idea what it is for. It could be for a lot of things, if you take it, it could kill you. Either by doing something in your body that you don’t need, or an allergic reaction. Why would you even think about doing this? Never take anything that is not specifically prescribed to you by a doctor.
do u take dirt and strange foods and drugs normally? you might have a bad reaction you are not prepared to deal with. just flush it
He he pills I love pills! Take it its good for you its vitamins I lost my vi-ties some where I think you fonded it!
Ok Firstly …. Would you jump in a fire if a mate said to. or got in a barrel and went off Niagara’s… Nope.. thought not.Now ask yourself would you take your dads heart pills or even your mums HRT.. again no you wouldn’t..Now ask yourself why the hell you would even consider taking an unmarked pill that you found on a couch! I think asking this question you have showed your an imbecile and need to be educated..Grow up and remember unless its prescribed from your Dr’s DONT take it.. leave the drug taking to your mates and when you do eventually grow up you will see who exactly comes out better in life..<<<<STAY OFF DRUGS>>>>
no definitely-it could be anything
no take it, it could be a vitamin pill, tell me if anything happens after.
I have some land to sell you in Manhattan. Is it a Red pill or a Blue pill… If you could care less about your life, might also be fun to get drunk and drive a car or maybe ride over Niagara Falls in a Barrel. Throw it away!
are you stupid!?!?!?!throw it in the bin!
yup casue u dont know if its liek a posin pill or what it does to rue system
Pretty stupid get rid before your tempted or somebody else pops it!
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