whats the world’s healthiest bottled water?

Q:I’m curious what people precieve or believe to be the healthiest bottled water? What type, Reverse Osmosis, Distillation, Natural Spring Water, Enhanced waters, UV treated and so on? What do people see as being healthy water and why? H20 is the simpliest natural atom on earth but a very complex topic and issue of discussion. Should we be looking at whats actually in the contents and ph values of the water? if so what makes it so healthy? What about environmentally, what company does the most to keep its water and its environment protected and pristine?
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actually, bottled water is not “healthy” at all. because it is bottled, it’s actually a “processed food”. there have been studies that show bottled water contains more than twice the bacteria that tap water contains. and, bottled water is not tested and regualted by the government as tap water is. your city must test their tap water for contaminents peroidically, with set levels of what is acceptable, and a report is issued and sent to your home. therefore, tapwater is actually better for you.
It is Reverse Osmosis. It goes throught the cleaning process twice. Distilled and spring may as well be tap water. Aquafina and Dasani are the major brands that go thorough the process.
Bottled water is nothing more than tap water which has been ran through another filter. It is a scam. The plastic bottles may cause cancer. To say the least they are nasty.
there is/was a certain bottled water from ireland which was proven to have healing powers, it from a real old source and if i remember correctly it was very expensive, like 25 euro for 500ml.
natural spring water is best cheers
I cant figure out why the world is crying every time the price of gas rises. If you figure out what the price per gallon of water is that is the scam.. All water taste the same to me…
Healthiest? That’s a difficult question. Natural spring water should be the healthiest in an uncontaminated world but unfortunately air travel has contaminated all of the worlds water supplies. Reverse Osmosis is pretty good though. water is water….
Natural spring bottled water or,”optimized water” produced by the “Nikken” product line.
Dr. Jame Chappell states that one of the only “pure” waters left on earth is distilled. The problem with drinking distilled water is it contains no minerals, so it actually leaches them from your body.To correct this, prevent this and to make a “real pure” water, would be to add coral calcium (it has 73 trace minerals) and some sea salt.Dr. Chappell recommends Zeta Crystals.
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