Ohhhh never drinking again…..?

Q:any tips aon hang over cures other than keep on drinking?
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Don’t drink to start with!
They usually sell some kind of pill at gas stations and stuff that is supposed to help you not get a hangover. Don’t remember they name of it though. Whoa, Bummer Dude!
Drink a glass of water for ever drink you drink. Hangovers are usually caused by dehydration, since alcohol is a very strong diuretic. In addition, have a glass of water before you go to sleep with an aspirin or two. It will help!
y bother drinking quit it..
Lots of squash as its water-based and some fresh air. when you feel like eating, eat bread or pasta or something high in carbs to soak up the alcohol.
Mix up a drink of egg (raw if you trust your brand to be free of salmonella – eliiminate it if you don’t), protein powder, and tomato juice. Knock it back like medication. The protein powder should start to work in about 30 minutes to quiet the worst down.If you do this regularly, check out www.hufa.org as it may explain to you why your body really likes to drink, despite the after effects.
I honestly don’t think there are any magical cures other than time. Just drink plenty of water, and take your vitimans.
hangovers are usually due to low blood sugar and dehydration, all caused by alcohol.Drink lots of water and a sugar drink, pepsi is normally the best, also have some food with loads of carbs to keep your blood sugar up and stop it crashing later, a fry up the morning after isn’t just a modern myth, it does help, sandwiches etc good too. Try aspirin as a pain killer, thins the blood a little and if you know anyone with some oxygen, try a little of that too. Seriously though, go and drink a couple of pints of water straight off and go to the shop for food and cola.
till the next time!
if you can get an iv. it works great even if your not drunk. i have a friend that hooks me up and it works great. you ll feel like a million bucks. other that that Coffee w/lots of sugar.tons of water and some headache medicine.
water,ibuprofen,anti-nausea pills and lots of sleep.
darn i thought we could all go out drinking ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Drink some waterTake alka seltzer or similar (alka seltzer is painkiller plus bicarbonate of soda)Try and get some sleepWhen you wake up, drink more water.Then eat something bland and filling: baked potato or cereal or banana or toast.Next time you fancy a drink, pace yourself. Eat before you go drinking, don’t drink too much, and have some water before you go to bed.
drink lots of water
a massive fry-up. or last nights curry!
Dont Drink.A friend has just been told to stop if not he will be dead in 3yrs.Wat A Wake Up Call!
dont ask me i feel the same way as you blurhg
This formula was told to me by our Corpsman (I was in the USCG at the time). It has worked every time for my alcoholic ex-hubby.2-3 ibuprofen tablets (for the pain & swollen arteries in your head)3-4 activated charcoal tablets (can be found over the counter in most drugstores, not the stuff you grill with)Wash them down with a room temp flat ginger ale (for the sugar) in about an hour you will feel better, not great, not perfect, just better.Other than that, a little restraint before hand is a wonderous thing :)…..chin up.
drink water, water and more water. You’ll be greatful in the morning to yourself that you did.
have some coffee & get a good nights sleep PS don’t do that again, ouch , don’t yell !
Bottle Of Coke and a bacon buttie. Oh and you will drink again. everyone says that.
haha, i’ve just got through a night of drinking.
Advil, rolaids, gatoraide, hot shower, sleep, coffee, greasy food. In that order.
vitamin -b, loads of sugary drink, ibuprofein, sleep if you can! And yes, you will drink again! And next time take the vitamin b and sugary drinks before you go to bed!
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The best thing to do is when you wake up go to McDonald’s and get a breakfast sandwich then go to a store and get a bottle of Gatorade, then take 4 ibuprofen and you will feel MUCH better.
2 x egg 2 x sausage 2 x bacon 2 x black pudding 2 x beans 2 x toast mug of tea and glass of alka salza
Eat some sweets or have a hot sweet cup of tea to get some sugar into ur blood stream ..works for me everytime .
Don’t drink in the first place.
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