ayurveda doctor degree is universally famous/accepted or not?

Q:ayurveda doctor degree is universally famous/accepted or not?
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yes it is accepted every were…
Hi,good to see that u r interested in ayurveda.1- Ayurveda is a very useful therapy if it is used in a proper manner as directed by the inventors of ayurveda like Charak and Sushruta.2- Ayurveda degree is yet to become a universal therapy because now a days the manufacturer of ayuveda medicines are likely to produce the lowest category type of medicines by which the people have to suffer. And of curse if the patient is not getting relief or having any complications of that particular medicine then automatically the doctor has to face great problems.3-Because medicines are prepared in such a manner in ancient times that the drug not only cures the ailment but also prevent from future producing diseases.4-Besides using medicines there is one thing in ayurveda that is called Panchkarma which is like servicing of our body.5-It is becoming more popular in abroad also.6-So if u have faith in ayurved go for it.7-Researchs are still going on to improve the quality of medicines and the way they are indrouced in the body8-Hope that it will become uniserally famous soon. If u want to know anything else about ayurveda I will try to answer u.thanks bye.
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