Red welts just on my legs (hips to knees) that are very sore. Any thought on how to make them go away?

Q:I work outside and got extremely overheated and sun burned a few times last week and was feeling pretty bad. I took my temp and it was 100.3, I then noticed these red welts which are very sore appearing on my legs from hip to knee. I had something like them about 16-17 years ago when I was very sick and went to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, but they went away before that doctor had a chance to tell me about them. I was told that they were erathyum nodusum (spelling?) but that only means red bumps and they never told me why or what to do if they come back. I used to get fevers around 104 and as high as 106 but I haven’t had them for awhile, traditional MD’s just took all of my money and told me they didn’t know what was wrong. So eventually I went to a holistic/DOM and was treated with herbs, accupunture, vitamins, etc. And over about 2.5 yrs all my symptoms went away unless I am under extreme stress, emotional or physical trauma. I am 41, male and a non smoker. ANY THOUGHTS?
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This is just my guess..don’t take this as a diagnosis. There is a such a thing as an allergy to the sun. Too much sun causes sun poison, but if you have a true allergy then some symptoms will remain until all that vitamin D is expelled from your system. Your doctor called them fancy word for red dots because they have to write a diagnosis on that paper to collect your money. They don’t know what it is. My suggestion…never go out without SPF 50. Never get overheated. And never go to that doctor again. Oh, cool bath should sooth the area.
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