What is the best head ache medicine?

Q:What is the best head ache medicine?
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Excedrin is my favorite and before bed Tylenol PM works wonders♥
I take Motrin, lay down in a dark room and put a bag of ice on my head, of course you can’t do that everywhere, but it helps when Iam at home.
B.C. powders work the best for me. they are also the quickest.
2 tabs crocin is the best way to rid yourself of the normal headache but there are a lot of reasons for headaches , like low blood sugar , high BP , tension headaches , migrains ,etsc for these the cause is treated first . i’m sure you are talking of the normal headache we all geti am a doc
I like Excedrin Migraine, it works quickly and effectively!The downside is you can only take one dose per day.
Excedrin advil migraine
Panadol or Green Tea i guess.
Ibuprofen should be safe.All other pain relievers kill your liver.
Why not find out what is causing your headaches and stop treating the symptom?
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