What do you think would happen if marijuana was leagalized?

Q:i want everyones opinion, not just pot-heads.
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a LOT of people would be happy.
For medicals purposes– I believe it should be legalized.
Well if they did legalize it….alot of folks would be happy I guess. …But the government would tax the crap out of it like beer or ciggs. Then they would pay for things like new stadiums and museums on smokers backs . I think they should legalize it so many people do it, why not…..alcohol deaths per year add up to way more the marijuana deaths. Yet alcohol is legal You see AA meetings all over Ive never seen an MA meeting or pot heads anonomous. And really why not tax it like ciggs….that way the city can get somethign nice with the tax money or use it towards schools. People are gonna do it anyway and besides if it was legal it would allow the cops to do somethign useful instead of going after a pot loving hippy. No offense to any tokers out there.
People would be crazy, there is enough of them without any more.
i just asked the same question. i think it should be legal. it should be available everywhere. tax it and sell it like cigarettes. i mean alcohol impairs driving ability and makes people violent. NOT POT! makes people want to eat and sleep.
More people’ll get mad.
people would have a shorter life expectency and most likely more birth defects and accidents imagine alcohol on steroids
This strongly depends on how it was legalized. If it was totally let go and made legal in all cases.. all hell would break lose… Think of all the sudden people rushing to houses to buy from friends and dealers.On the other hand, if having a QP (quarter pound) which is indeed a decent amount, was made legal to have for home-recreational use.. then I think the taxes would be raised on food because less cigarette and alcohol sales would probably weaken that industry due to “munchie attacks”. The drug effects people in many different ways… some get hungry.. some hyper.. some laid back…The truth is, I’ve seen the lowest of the low smoke pot… and the ones with everything and a fat *** bank account toke it up daily… My dad would qualify as the first.. but the initial idea was that my father had a hard time managing money and actually comming up with successful plans for his future and his families… suck for me right?…On the other hand… I’m friends (basicly related ) with a guy that is head of a bank-internet-security franchize up north and he seems to “zone-in” when he’s smoking and can concentrate more easily on his job… go figure?I believe the nature of the smokers would be a drastic measure on how the outcome would turn out. People have an instinctive desire to either accomplish or to let go of oppertunities.. look around… your either really responsible… half *** responsible and get by… or irresponsible… I think that if controled and done correctly.. it’s going to intensify the instinctive urge. I also feel it wouldn’t be a problem if people were taught and helped to become more responsible… look at Japanese schools compared to americas… all their scholastic programs are equivilent to high-class private schools here…. We’re not teaching our kids effectively.. the world has covered up the truth of the matter with tons of subjects….I think America isn’t effectively teaching the kids and the the media that there is an entirely seperate technical side to life that eliminates bias and pre-judgemental attitudes….Everyone could live happier if we all gave a **** about making ourselves a more effective race… what do we have to lose but the bullshit we’ve been fed and bias we’ve been shown.If only that was going to happen right?… damn I can’t wait till I croak and live happy in enternity…haha.. cuz it damn sure aint on this overgrown rock we call earth….pshh…haha sorry so long.. I think everyone would be a pot-head…BIG MISTAKE.
The biggest consequence of legalization would be making legitimate an industry that currently exists underground. The largest cash crop in Northern California and British Columbia, among other locales, is marijuana illegally cultivated. Taking the production, distribution and sale of marijuana out of the hands of a criminal element would be a great boon for society. We could use the tax revenues generated by sales to help pay for drug treatment programs, among other uses. There is no rationale for keeping marijuana illegal.
it will marketed like cigarretes. In the moment, it is legal to buy them in cafes in Netherlands, but only for personal use.
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